Blackout Curtain Buying Guide

1 - What is a blackout curtain?

A blackout curtain is a curtain that does not let light through. There are different blackout degrees:

Each curtain's performances can be found on its product page.

2-How do Moondream blackout curtains work?

Depending on the light filtration you are looking for, Moondream has the solution. The fabric we use will be different depending on the expected results.

For our total blackout curtain, the fabric used is coated which makes the curtain opaque.

For our standard blackout curtain standard, we use fabric woven with a black yarn inserted in between both fabric sides. The blackout effect then depends on the colour you will choose.

3 - Which blackout curtain to choose?

It all depends on what you are looking for. Some people want to be in complete darkness, even without shutters, in which case you will have to choose one of our 100% total blackout curtains. They provide optimal protection from sunlight, and a total blackout effect no matter the curtain's colour.

Others will prefer to have some natural light coming in, especially when they wake up, in which case a room darkening curtain in the range of 75 to 85% or 90% to 95% would be ideal.

Each curtain's performances can be found on its product page.

4 - How to hang light blocking curtains?

The installation of a blackout curtain is identical to that of any curtain and depends on the heading type you choose: eyelets or pencil pleat.

For a curtain with eyelets, the inner diameter of said eyelets is 30mm. Please read our guide for more information.

5 - Are white room darkening curtains effective?

Our white light blocking curtain is 75-85% blackout, you will get satisfactory results especially if your room is facing east. If you are bothered by city lights at night, this curtain will be able to block them.

If you are looking for a 100% blackout curtain in white you will have to go for our Total blackout coated curtain collection. With a coated curtain, results are guaranteed even in broad daylight or south-facing rooms.

6 - How do I make my curtain blackout?

If you do not want to change curtains, Moondream also has a range of blackout linings, to attach to the back of your curtain.

Please have a look at our step-by-step tutorial.

7 - Can I shorten my curtains?

All our blackout curtains (excluding Premium curtains) are delivered with an iron-on tape allowing you to adjust the length of your curtains by a few centimeters to fit your windows. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to use the iron-on tape.

If you need specific dimensions, you can also order a custom-made curtain.

8 - Can blackout curtains be washed and ironed?

There is no single answer, it all comes down to the fabric the curtain is made of. Most of our blackout curtains can be washed at low temperature and in a gentle wash cycle, our eyelets are rust free. As for ironing, please check the composition of the fabric and select the correct temperature.